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TLC Laser Eye Centers are one of the premiere providers of laser vision correction in Montana and the United States. At Drs. McBride and Steiner, we work closely with TLC to assess and discuss our patient’s options and to provide pre and post-procedure care that best meets each patient’s needs. Visit TLC’s website if you have questions about laser vision correction or call us at our office.

Vision Service Plan is an organization “dedicated to offering affordable, high-quality eyecare plans that put people first, support visual wellness and improve one’s quality of life.” More than one in ten Americans depend on VSP for their eyecare. As a member of VSP, our office is held to the highest professional standards.

The American Optometric Association is the “recognized authority for primary eye and vision care in the world.” The objectives of AOA “are centered on improving the quality and availability of eye and vision care.” As members of the AOA, our doctors are committed to the highest levels of practice in fulfilling your vision care needs.

The Montana Optometric Association is the state arm of the American Optometric Association. Our doctors have been members of the AOA and MOA throughout their careers.

Vision Source
Vision Source is a network of privately owned and operated eyecare facilities that focus on providing discount purchasing power and ensuring a level of quality and personal attention among its members. As a member of Vision Source, we are better able to provide you with the latest contact lenses and eyewear at discount prices. “Personal attention from an independent professional and quality eye wear at value prices. If you’re not getting that from your present eye care provider, then see what you’ve been missing.” Contact Drs. McBride and Steiner, your local vision source provider.


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